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Is our fear of rejection making it easier for donors to reject us?

How is it that we can know without a shred of doubt that face-to-face solicitation is the most effective, least costly method of fundraising, and still refuse to do it? Lack of time? Fear of rejection? Whatever the reason, we have to start taking this seriously and making it a regular priority and habit. Read our blog to discover two things you can do to support yourself in this.... Read More

The Art of Conversation by Laura Alexander

The art of conversation is a critical skill for the professional fundraiser. Whether we are soliciting, cultivating, thanking, informing, or educating, we are constantly engaged in conversation with donors, potential donors, ambassadors, board members, staff and volunteers. So how do we improve our ability to engage in this critically important activity? In this blog post, I'll share Six Steps to More Meaningful Conversations with Our Donors.... Read More

“Donor Stewardship: The Divine is in the Detail” by Brian Bateman

“The devil is in the detail” is a quote well-known, but virtually not attributable. A number of German scholars and artists employed the phrase, but it actually began in its expression in the obverse, “God is in the detail”. Let's begin our discussion of caring for major donors after their gift arrives (i.e. stewardship) by entitling this from the original phrase with an inclusive twist, The Divine is in the Detail. A number of major variables enter the consideration of how to communicate with donors following a major gift.... Read More

Evaluate or be exterminated!

Evaluate or be exterminated! Ask yourself these questions to determine if your case for support is informative, inspiring, and motivating. Or better yet, ask someone else to rate it for you. If your case for support isn’t all you want it to be, or if you need to write a new case from scratch, join us on September 19 for INSPIRE: The Compelling Case for Support. ... Read More