10 Juicy Tidbits for Year End Fundraising

10 Juicy Tidbits for Year End Fundraising

Happy holidays friends, colleagues, clients and students! Here’s our little gift for the holidays…

1. Let your donors, board and staff know what your goal is for the year-end campaign and send reminders letting them see the progress.

2. If your campaign is in a slump, try to find a challenge donor for the last 7-10 days of the year to challenge everyone to meet the goal by December 31st.

3. Coordinate your year-end letters with email and phone call reminders.

4. Run a LYBUNT report (gave Last Year But Not This) and send a follow up reminder letter or postcard letting them know you miss them.

5. Welcome new donors with a special “welcome letter” and packet of information about your organization.

6. Call every donor to thank them if you can – if you can’t call everyone, call everyone above a certain level.

7. Involve your board members in making thank you calls – it’s the easiest, most painless way to engage them in fundraising.

8. Send holiday cards to your consistent, loyal donors thanking them for sustaining your organization.

9. Let people know if they are one of your leadership donors, and give them special acknowledgement.

10. Get ready for your annual report – send it to all your donors with a personal note. Make sure the central message is: “Your gift makes a difference!”

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