Guest Blog: Does Our Leadership Reflect Our Community? by Lea Marquez Peterson, President/CEO, Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

According to Korn/Ferry Senior Client Partner Victor Arias, “as our country climbs out of a recession, growth opportunities and financial success should absolutely include tapping into the Hispanic market. Companies that overlook having Latinos on their boards risk missing those opportunities.” There is a significant gap between the fast growing Hispanic population and the number of Hispanics serving on Boards in the state and the nation. At the Tucson Hispanic Chamber, we’ve created a Leadership Board on our website at Non-Profit organizations may send us their Board Qualifications and Organizational information and we will assist with matchmaking potential board members with organizations. Demographic shift is happening. How relevant will your organization be in 10, 15 or 20 years if you do not start now to cultivate the new generation of leaders?

Giving USA: The Best Time Management Tool Ever! by Brian Bateman

In order to be efficient and effective, you must consider all your activities in light of how they support your efforts to engage with individuals. A simple grant application easily completed or an offer of a corporate sponsorship from a friend of the board chair may be a slam dunk. Other than that, you will want to spend a bulk of your time (80%+) on getting your share of the pie given by people.