Work Gotcha Down? Try this playlist of Inspirational Power Songs!

When work gets you down, you still have to take the high road. Carry the torch. Inspire the next volunteer or donor. Speak to Rotary or present to Angel Charity. How do you keep your spirits up? Music! Songs that inspire, motivate, and energize! Songs that you can sing at the top of your lungs while driving to the board meeting! I asked several of our colleagues here in Tucson to share their secret power songs.

We’re all mad scientists here: Concoct a better recipe for digital fundraising

Voila! I found the amazing study, M&R Benchmarks 2017, the11th Annual Benchmarks Study of nonprofit digital advocacy, fundraising, social, and advertising. I’m going to give you a little summary in this blog post, but here’s the whole thing if you are interested: They even have a form you can fill out to benchmark your organization:!/benchmark-yourself. If you try this, please email me the results. I’d love to know how our local organizations compare to the national study.