Time is a currency that should be invested wisely!

As fund development professionals, our plates are full! When juggling numerous tasks and responsibilities, from cultivating donor relationships to organizing events, crafting compelling campaigns, and tackling massive grant applications, time becomes a valuable asset.   Time management is an essential skill to develop when managing a variety of tasks and finding good balance. From my work with …

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What’s Your Donor Retention?

As fundraisers, we often focus far more energy on finding NEW donors rather than retaining the ones we have. We are in constant pursuit of elusive new donors and devising clever ways to get them to notice us. Our boards obsess over “increasing our visibility” and “making sure people know who we are.” Meanwhile, we are …

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Looking for your next nonprofit job?

Are you a nonprofit professional seeking to change jobs in 2024? You aren’t alone – 50% of fundraising professionals say they plan to move on from their current job in the next couple of years. The average tenure in a fundraising position for newer professionals is less than two years (average tenure in a job gets longer the more years you’ve worked in the field, according to some studies).