Do Good… Better!

One of the things Laura and I enjoy the most is presenting our “Do Good Better Studio” Workshop Series.  We designed and wrote the curriculum for these workshops shortly after we started our firm five years ago, and have since presented the entire series of five “working workshops” – PREPARE, PLAN, INSPIRE, CULTIVATE and ENGAGE — seven times!  We’ve had nearly 200 participants over the past 3 ½ years and I must say, the reviews are consistently great.


Like this:

Thank you Laura and Jenny!  I come out of your workshops feeling so inspired and reassured that I can do my job and do it well! Thanks for providing me knowledge and tools to help me make a difference! Thank you, not only for your expertise, but for the tremendous method of delivery… practical, hands-on with an opportunity to practice and apply it right then and there. You are excellent trainers. Your obvious desire for all of us to succeed makes the experience such a positive one! – Michele Murphy


And this:

Thank you for the excellent training last Friday! I came away with new enthusiasm and confidence behind my work as a development officer. I also wanted to share that I made my first successful ask yesterday of $10,000!  Your training made a huge difference for me, right away. – Emily Brott


We’ve also learned a lot along the way.

•Both seasoned professionals and newbies benefit.  Even if you’ve done it before, taking the time and having the right space to craft a new plan, or tweak your case for support, is something that ALL development professionals need.

•Participants enjoy the open, creative studio atmosphere of the workshops and learn as much from sharing with each other as they do from us.

​•​Organizations that send two or more participants to each workshop really benefit the most by planning and working together, and leave ready to implement their plan right away.

•We consistently try to include WAY too much content, but are able to adapt and adjust to customize each session for the particular individuals in the room.

•Tucson Tamales are the perfect group catering for vegetarians, gluten-free’s and hungry, hungry carnivores.

​•​Thinking Putty makes everyone smarter and more creative.

 We’ll be launching the whole series – with a freshly updated curriculum – again in 2016.  We hope you can plan to attend.  Although each workshop stands alone, we hope you’ll consider signing up for the entire series.  You’ll enjoy working with a whole cohort of people over the five sessions and you’ll build on the work of each previous workshop.


Let us know if you have questions.  Or better yet, ask one of the Do Gooders who have attended.  We’re pretty confident that they’ll tell you it is well worth your investment of time and money.


Jenny Carrillo, MA, CFRE
Principal Consultant