Do you have a fundraising plan?

Hi Do Gooders!

We just finished up my favorite of the Do Good Better Workshop series, PLAN! Having a plan is a vital component to fundraising. Not only does it help build sustainability and growth of your organization’s fundraising, but it provides a blueprint to the board and staff leadership about how you will reach your goals. I left the workshop inspired by the participants and they way in which each one of them have a plan to do good better for our community.

Here are a few thoughts about what we learned:

  • Having a plan is not just about raising money. It helps to create diversified actions to ensure funds are coming from a variety of sources and that donors are being thanked and cultivated in addition to being asked.
  • A plan builds upon itself each year. By evaluating metrics and not just dollars raised, you can continue to improve and look at your performance history as a means of predicting success in the coming year(s).
  • Take your plan and put it into action – start today! Think about your next campaign and how you can use a plan to make it successful. What will it cost, what metrics do you need to track, what content needs to be developed, and who do you need to partner with?

I hope you all take a moment out of your busy schedule to think about planning for the next campaign or next fiscal year. It helps to focus on your strengths to produce the best success possible.

Happy Planning!