“Do You Want a Spring Makeover?”

Top 10 Communication Makeover Tips


Spring is here! It is time for a different look and feel. Time to refresh, renew, dust off and bring new energy and dynamism to your messaging. Here are the top 10 ideas for you to consider implementing. Each tip begins with the traditionally accepted approach and suggests a move to a more compelling donor-centered style. If you really want to catch attention with the new you— invest a little money to raise a lot more by signing up for Inspire—the Compelling Case for Support this Friday! A few spots remain. Sign up now.


•    Institution Centered (We, Our) to Donor-Centered (You, Your)

•    Commercial (bill, invoice) to Philanthropic (gift reminder)

•    Expectant Future (needs later) to Affirmative Present (gratitude now)

•    Minimization (your limitations) to Maximization (their full potential)

•    Passive (later potential) to Active (gift at work)

•    Limiting (donation, contribution) to Prosperous (gift, investment)

•    More Verbiage to Fewer Necessary Words

•    Broad public to Personal direct

•    Boring and Factual to Compelling and Vivid

•    Grammatical and Scholarly to Dynamic and Conversational

Brian Bateman, MA, Alexander | Carrillo Consulting, brian@do-good-better.com, 520.310.0522

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