Evaluate or be exterminated!

If you don’t know what this image is, you’re not a Doctor Who fan.  Shame on you!  The Daleks (pictured above) usually say Exterminate!  And that’s what your fundraising program will experience without a good case for support.  So its time for a rigorous, honest evaluation of your case.  Ask yourself these questions to determine if your case for support is informative, inspiring, and motivating.  Or better yet, ask someone else to rate it for you.

1. Is your Mission stated or interpreted for easy understanding?

2. Does your case give a solid but Brief History the highlights the mission’s relevance?  An explanation of why the institution was founded and the societal environment that existed at the time that impelled its creation?

3. Does the case discuss how the institution provides its services? Does it indicate the constituencies served, statistics, and explanation of activities, programs and leadership?

4.Does is describe the institution’s vision for the future clearly and dramatically?

5. Is there an explanation of the proposed project? A description and rationale of the items to be covered in the program, and the cost?

6. Does it present the institution’s singular role in meeting the need? Is there an indication of how the institution is uniquely positioned to meet the need through the proposed project?

7. How readable is the copy?

  • Exciting, memorable title.
  • Compelling section headings.
  • Theme is woven through the material.
  • Reads easily.
  • Brief, declarative sentences, mostly present and future tense.
  • Short paragraphs.
  • Strong, inviting opening statement
  • Powerful close, a call to action, theme restated.
  • Emotional and dramatic copy.


8. Is there a clear sense of urgency? Why must this project move forward now?

9. Does the case tell a story? A dramatic story that sizzles and makes the copy come alive?

10. Does the case emphasize those who receive service?  Or is it focused on the needs of the institution?

11. Does the case focus on the donor?  Is the copy donor-centric, emphasizing how the donor can make a difference by investing? Does it use the word “you” more than the words “we” or “our”?

12. Do you invite the donor to share in the vision? To become a partner in the program?

13.  Does the case showcase amazing photographs that tell the story of the mission in action?

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