Planning Ahead for Strategic Planning (say that ten times fast)

You should join us for the Nonprofit Summit Southern Arizona on July 30 at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona! There will be lots of great workshops, including our session, “Planning Ahead.”   
Strategic planning is an important process that engages your stakeholders, creates energy around your mission and vision, and results in your most important tool for management accountability, board engagement, and fundraising. Worried about creating another plan that sits on a shelf gathering dust? This workshop will help you get started on a planning process that is meaningful and useful. 
Good Strategic Planning doesn’t happen in day! 


Speaking of planning ahead, don’t forget to plan ahead for your strategic planning. Say that ten times, then call us to let us know when you are hoping to start your planning process. Many people wait until the last minute or select dates, then call us hoping we can facilitate their process. I can’t emphasize this enough: whether you’re looking to work with us or another consultant, we can do our jobs much better when you make us part of the planning early on.  
It’s our job to help you design a planning process that meets your needs. That means gathering information ahead of time, engaging particular constituent groups and preparing a thoughtful agenda. We can’t do that if we are rushed.
Also, our calendars fill up quickly, so engaging us early in the planning and giving us input into the dates ensures we can actually work with you. 
It’s time to Register for the fall Do Good Better workshop series. We would love to have you join us in class this Fall OR send members of your staff or board. It’s a great opportunity to take stock, remind yourself of best practices, and build team cohesion around your fund development approach and plan. Contact us today!