The Power of MUSIC

Chances are pretty good that you have a go-to album or playlist when your mood needs a boost, and it turns out that science backs up the experience of music making us feel better. This study, published a few years ago, indicates that if you focus a little energy on improving your mood while you listen to upbeat music, the results are easy to find.

But be careful not to get hung up on the question “Am I happy yet?” Advice from the study’s author, Yuna Ferguson, Ph.D.: “Rather than focusing on how much happiness they’ve gained and engaging in that kind of mental calculation, people could focus more on enjoying their experience of the journey towards happiness and not get hung up on the destination.”

I have always used music to help me snap out of a funk or inspire me to achieve more, and the folks at KXCI have invited me down to the station to share some of my favorite indie folk music (I’ll be on the air at 5pm tonight if you want to listen – on the radio at 91.3 FM, or online at I thought I’d share a couple bonus songs with you that didn’t make the cut. My go to song for turning around a frustrating mood had lyrics that were a little too racy for broadcast (please pardon the 90’s era music video!), and my favorite ‘tackle the world‘ song didn’t fit the genre.

In other news, the Arizona Gives Day page for Southern Arizona nonprofits is up and running! to help them win additional prizes – you can even schedule your donation in advance to give them an early boost!

Also, we’ve got a few spots left in our workshop this Friday – INSPIRE: The Compelling Case for Support, and early bird registration is still available for the rest of our series – CULTIVATE: The Art and Science of Major Gifts and ENGAGE: The Board that WORKS! Register today and we’ll help you Do Good Better!

Lastly, Tucson Federal Credit Union is accepting applications for the Community Partnership Awards through March 20th! They believe in partnering with nonprofit organizations that transform the lives of people in Pima County. TFCU chooses three award recipients to receive (1) $25,000 and (2) $10,000 grants. Eligible organizations should click here for more information.

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