Understanding Board Responsibilities

Do you struggle to ensure that your new board members really and fully understand their unique roles and responsibilities?  Do YOU really understand what a board, and your board members, should be reasonably (and legally) expected to do?

Last year when we were planning to launch our Partners in Leadership Institute with Anne Maley, we decided to create a solution for an ongoing nonprofit need for better and more consistent board member orientation.

Now, every month (the 3rd Monday, specifically), we host a Board Service Orientation for new board members or anyone who wants to better understand nonprofit board service.   This orientation is available to anyone in the community, from any organization.  We want to ensure that new board members begin their board service fully prepared to take on this awesome and important responsibility, and that nonprofit leaders have year-round resource available to provide this critical orientation.

In small groups limited to ten participants, each session covers these important topics (and more!):

  • Why nonprofits have boards and what excelling boards do
  • The difference between management, governance and support
  • The relationship between the board, CEO and staff

Does this sound like something that would be beneficial to you, your current and your future board members?

If so, you can learn more and register for an upcoming session by visiting this link.  There is also a downloadable flyer that you can share with your governance chair or board members.

We have really enjoyed meeting so many people who truly want to make our community a better place through volunteer board service, and helping them get started on their board journey with information that they need to succeed.




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Jenny Carrillo, MA, CFRE

Principal Consultant