What a difference a Fund Development Plan makes! A Case Study and Success Story: Kino Border Initiative, by Jenny Carrillo, CFRE

In 2010, Kino Border Initiative (KBI), a new, small, faith-based organization working with deported migrants in the border communities of Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora received a three-year start-up funding commitment from a founding partner with the catch that they had to be financially self-sufficient by the end of the three years.

They needed a fund development plan.

Building on Strengths and Assets: The planning process, led by Alexander | Carrillo Consulting, began with an assessment so that we could identify fundraising strategies that made sense and built upon KBI’s unique strengths and assets.  We set financial goals and measurable objectives for each fund development strategy, and determined to monitor the plan’s progress over the three years.

Engaging Board and Staff:  We also created action plans and timelines for implementation of each strategy, and identified roles and responsibilities for the Executive Director, other staff and the Board.  Finally, the plan was reviewed and approved by the Board and everyone was committed to putting the plan into action.

Implementing with Discipline and Determination:  Armed with their new fund development plan, KBI exercised great discipline and carefully followed their plan. The plan and measurable objectives were reviewed regularly, and adjusted as needed, but the core strategies were adhered-to consistently and with determination.

The plan made a measurable difference.

By 2013 — in just three years — KBI increased their charitable income from $157,000 to $467,000 – more than 200%!   The plan raised more money than projected, but, almost more importantly, it engaged staff and board, taught everyone in the organization about what it really takes to raise revenue, and built confidence at all levels of the organization.  It didn’t happen by accident and it wasn’t easy.  But it was a purposeful, strategic, and highly successful.

Building on the success of the last three years, KBI has a solid 2014 fund development plan in place to raise over $600,000.  And we have no doubt that they will be successful.  You can plan on it!

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