Work Gotcha Down? Try this playlist of Inspirational Power Songs!

Alexander|Carrillo Consulting does not endorse hands-free singing while driving!Back by popular demand – Inspirational power songs!

Like you, I LOVE working in the nonprofit sector. It gives my life meaning and inspires me every day to be my best self. I especially love all of my fellow fundraising professionals, because we are such a happy, positive and robust crowd.

But then, there are days. When our board members say, “I give of my time. Why should I give money?”

When our bosses say, “I know you saw ten donors this week, but how many checks did you bring back?”

When our coworkers say, “I’m not sharing any client stories, its exploitative.”

When our donors say, “No.”


But you still have to take the high road. Carry the torch. Inspire the next volunteer or donor. Speak to Rotary or present to Angel Charity. How do you keep your spirits up?

Music! Songs that inspire, motivate, and energize! Songs that you can sing at the top of your lungs while driving to the board meeting! I asked several of our colleagues here in Tucson to share their secret power songs. Here’s what I found out.
Joseph Howell
Habitat for Humanity
“Proud”, Heather Small


Hilary Van Alsburg
Children’s Museum Tucson
Don't Look Back, Fine Young Cannibals
“Don’t Look Back”, Fine Young Cannibals


Our very own Hanna Miller
“My Shot”, Cast of Hamilton


And my current favorite
(it changes weekly!)
Carry On, by Fun
“Carry On”, Fun