Your Summer Harvest!

Last week as the temperature heralded summer in the Sonoran Desert, the full moon shone brightly in the night sky.  Known this time of year as the “Strawberry Moon”, it is a seasonal signal—a reminder of this time of year.

The last gala of the season is over and any donors who can afford to leave have fled to the north or become summer San Diegans.  You may feel overworked, exhausted and ready for an escape from the pressure, the temperature and the HEAT!

You deserve to celebrate this summer.  Take time to rest, renew, reflect and restore your soul.  Forget fiscal, calendar, or school— just look back at your year and celebrate all that you and your team have achieved.  So little time and resources.  So many barriers and challenges, yet you did it!

You may associate self-care with disassociation and disconnecting and that is true… to some extent.  You can also recharge yourself by connecting in quiet comfortable ways with those who make it happen.  Donors.  While you relax and enjoy yourself, while you spend time with friends and family.  Don’t forget the donor family.

Take some time right now to decide to reach out and listen to the people whose gifts make your mission possible.  Call and just check in.  You don’t have to identify, involve, invest, interrogate, install or any of the other I’s.  Just call and let them know you genuinely care.  Just thinking of you and wanted you to know!  Wow!  Easy peasy!

If you call one a day that is 40 to 50 personal connections, even if you take a month off.  You will find it a joyful way to enrich your life and the lives of those you serve.  Truly a summer harvest of the sweet fruits of your dedicated effort


Brian Bateman


P.S.  Please consider two very exciting options to support yourself and be reminded of what is important-

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Summer AFP Conference – June 24-25, Prescott, AZ