Nonprofit Recruitment Insights for 2023

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In the ever-evolving landscape of nonprofit recruitment, staying ahead of the curve is essential. This becomes even more crucial as nonprofits face unique challenges, including budget constraints and a growing demand for dedicated talent. Throughout my internship journey, I’ve often seen organizations struggle to meet their goals due to limited capacity while having multiple positions open. In my search to better understand today’s recruitment struggles, I explored insightful information from two sources that shed light on the future of recruiting within nonprofit organizations: “The Future of Recruiting 2023” by LinkedIn Talent Solutions and “Nonprofit Hiring Trends and The National Nonprofit Employment Market” from Foundation List. These sources have definitely helped me to gain valuable insight and guidance for our nonprofit recruitment strategies.

To start, the article from LinkedIn Talent Solutions highlights key trends and predictions in the field of recruiting. It delves into how recruiting is becoming a strategic function within organizations, the growing influence of recruiters on compensation discussions, the importance of employer branding in a competitive talent market, the need for recruiters to develop strategic soft skills, and the growing collaboration between recruiting and learning and development. These insights are not only applicable to the broader recruitment landscape but also hold significant relevance for nonprofit recruitment. This is because they aid in crafting recruitment and talent management strategies that address the specific needs and dynamics of the sector, enabling nonprofits to attract, retain, and nurture the talent necessary to fulfill their missions effectively.

Additionally, from “Nonprofit Hiring Trends and The National Nonprofit Employment Market” I learned of the substantial impact of nonprofits on our economy and workforce. It reveals that nonprofits account for an impressive 12.4 million jobs, constituting approximately 14 percent of private-sector employment. The article also underscores the skills and expertise currently in demand within the nonprofit sector, including essential health and medical care experience, tech support, database administration, online fundraising, marketing professionals, and front-line positions like case managers and counselors.

Moreover, ensuring that we compensate our employees at competitive levels has become an increasingly competitive necessity, especially for organizations in sectors facing a talent shortage. Currently, there is a significant skills and talent gap nationwide, where the number of open jobs significantly exceeds the available and skills-ready talent pool. This economic condition, known as a skills gap, highlights the need for organizations to invest in training staff to succeed in new positions and create innovative programs to successfully fill open requisitions. Given the ongoing demand in sought-after industries, nonprofit organizations must prioritize the retention of their current staff to remain competitive in the coming years.

These articles taught me a lot about the need for us to adapt to the evolving world of work, understand the strategic shifts in nonprofit recruitment, and ensure that we are equipping our staff with the skills needed to succeed in their roles. By aligning our recruitment and talent management strategies with these trends, we can help our nonprofit organization to attract, engage, and retain the passionate talent necessary to make a meaningful impact on our mission.

I encourage you to explore the full article from LinkedIn Talent Solutions, “The Future of Recruiting 2023,” as well as “Nonprofit Hiring Trends and The National Nonprofit Employment Market” from Foundation List, to gain a more comprehensive understanding of these insights and how they can shape your nonprofit recruitment and talent management efforts.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss these insights further, please feel free to reach out!

By the way! In our work at Alexander|Carrillo, we’ve observed the “skills gap” within our nonprofit community. In response, we’ve taken proactive steps to address this challenge by offering professional development and training opportunities through our Do Good Better Studio Workshops. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with numerous organizations, including those with limited capacity, through Team-Up grants from the Community Foundation of Southern Arizona. These initiatives allow us to bridge the skills gap and empower nonprofits to thrive.

If your organization has development professionals who need training, send them our way!