What’s Your Donor Retention?

As fundraisers, we often focus far more energy on finding NEW donors rather than retaining the ones we have. We are in constant pursuit of elusive new donors and devising clever ways to get them to notice us. Our boards obsess over “increasing our visibility” and “making sure people know who we are.” Meanwhile, we are …

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Organizational Culture – from Spooky to SPECTACULAR

Is your organizational culture spooky? We often share a quote that was originally coined by Peter Drucker:   “Culture eats strategy for lunch.”    Along the way, someone added, “and structure for breakfast.”    It is a funny saying, but you get the point right away. Nothing … no policies, no org charts, no processes and procedures, no lists … can get around an organizational culture that …

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Sparkling Clean Donor Records: Your Fall Clean-Up Project

Fall is in the air!  Can you feel it?!  Well, at least morning temperatures show the promise of cooler days to come.    I have spent the last couple of weekends “fall cleaning” at home.  There is something about cleaning out closets, reorganizing my pantry, and getting rid of baseboard grime that brings order to …

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Still reeling from Penelope Burk…

It’s been over three weeks since Penelope Burke delivered her incredible presentation in front of a full house at the October AFP meeting, and I am still marveling at all the great stuff I learned that morning. I find myself parroting, “Penelope says! Penelope says!” over and over in the office, when I’m with clients and even a couple of times to my husband (who frankly has no clue who Penelope is).

Are you ready for tomorrow?

The Chronicle and Giving USA Foundation will hold a live video discussion with several fundraising experts at 10:30am on Tuesday, when Giving USA plans to release its estimate of how much was raised last year nationwide as well as details about trends in the sources of donations and the causes that did the best and worst.

Your Summer Harvest!

You deserve to celebrate this summer. Take time to rest, renew, reflect and restore your soul. Forget fiscal, calendar, or school— just look back at your year and celebrate all that you and your team have achieved. So little time and resources. So many barriers and challenges, yet you did it!

Hello, Summer!

I’d like to encourage you to participate in a survey being conducted by ASU, the Arizona Alliance of Nonprofits, and Lodestar.

The Power of MUSIC

Chances are pretty good that you have a go-to album or playlist when your mood needs a boost, and it turns out that science backs up the experience of music making us feel better. This study, published a few years ago, indicates that if you focus a little energy on improving your mood while you …

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