Fewer donors and low retention rates got you down? Join the club.

A new quarterly report from the Fundraising Effectiveness project offers some key insights every fundraiser should be paying attention to! More than 8,800 nonprofits studied showed an overall loss of donors. During the third quarter of 2022, the number of donors dipped by 7.1% compared to the same period in 2021. New donors were down by 19.2% and …

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DO GOODER Shout Out to PCOA!

Development professionals everywhere are being forced to re-invent traditional fundraising events in order to accommodate stay-at-home orders and social distancing. In the weeks and months to come, we expect to see a whole spectrum of “virtual events” replacing the usual calendar of fundraising lunches, dinners, galas and walks. Some early adopters, like Pima Council on …

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Get Ready for a New Fundraising Season with our Do Good Better Workshop Series!

“Thank you Laura and Jenny! I come out of your workshops feeling so inspired and reassured that I can do my job and do it well! Thanks for providing me knowledge and tools to help me make a difference! Thank you, not only for your expertise, but for the tremendous method of delivery… practical, hands-on with an opportunity to apply it right there and then. You are excellent trainers!”

Michele Murphy, University of Arizona College of Humanities

Our series of ‘working’ workshops is designed to provide you with the information and tools you need, along with a creative and supportive environment for you to develop your customized plans for building a culture of philanthropy, general fundraising, case development and cultivated giving. You will experience four foundational workshops that will support your professional development and the growth and success of your nonprofit.

Each workshop consists of two half-day sessions with –

  • Active engagement in meaningful learning exercises, peer sharing, case studies and real life examples
  • Workbook with useful tools and templates
  • Time to develop your own plan and strategies with your team members
  • Access to seasoned, successful professional fundraisers and trainers, Jenny Carrillo and Laura Alexander
  • You will leave each workshop with a product you use right away!

If you are new to the field, new in your position or at a new organization, or a seasoned professional needing a fresh perspective, this workshop is for you. Paid staff, board members and volunteers welcome.

Planning Ahead for Strategic Planning (say that ten times fast)

You should join us for the Nonprofit Summit Southern Arizona on July 30 at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona! There will be lots of great workshops, including our session, “Planning Ahead.”      Strategic planning is an important process that engages your stakeholders, creates energy around your mission and vision, and results in your …

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Nonprofit Salary Data: Knowledge is Power!

Jenny and I would like to encourage you to complete the ASU Lodestar Nonprofit Compensation and Benefits 2019 Report.  This may require you to work with your HR and/or Finance Department to collect and report the data, but it will be well worth your time and effort.   Why is this type of data so …

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The Do-Gooder’s Attitude

To be successful in fundraising, you have to cultivate the right attitude. The Do-Gooder is a mission-oriented, optimistic people person with confidence in their ability to fix problems. This might sound like a bad motivational poster, but after working with hundreds of fund development professionals over the past twenty-plus years, we’ve realized that attitude really …

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Cultivated Giving: An Extended Metaphor that Works

Jenny and I like to start our workshop “CULTIVATE: The Art & Science of Major Gifts” by asking people how they see themselves as fundraisers. Are you a stalker? A combatant? A seducer? A salesperson? Or a farmer? We like the metaphor of the farmer. The successful fundraiser is the one who cultivates relationships with …

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